OVA makes cooking more fun & exciting.

It is simple. All in one.

Imagine all the dishes and utensils needed to prepare one simple dish. How much space is taken by all the necessary dishes and utensils? And once you are finished with the preparation you must store everything somewhere yet again.

We bring a concept of cooking equipment set, which furnishes any kitchen in an efficient way.

A cooking set called OVA inspired by the perfect harmonic egg shape.

Ova travel bag

For an easy transport cooking set, we create for OVA special travel bag. Now you can easily travel with your OVA anywhere. You can use your set in the motorhome cabin or on your boat.

Cooking is OVA. OVA is cooking. 

Who made it?

OVA is the brainchild of popular Czech architect and designer Petr Siedlaczek. His dream is to transform cooking into a more delightful experience and to eliminate the need for so many cooking utensils. Petr analyzed a variety of traditional pots, pans and dishes then set about designing this revolutionary and innovative set that is visually pleasing, versatile, easy to store and portable.

An egg is the symbol of life, power and immortality. OVA is designed to bring life into your kitchen, power into your cooking and immortality into the design.